John Lennon’s Swiss Army Knife

“All you need is love…” is probably one of the most profound and simple messages ever sung, preached or uttered in the history of the world. John Lennon’s message of peace and harmony is needed today more than ever and the designers of this “Swiss Peace Knife” could not agree more. Taking the cutting edge and negative association away from the words “army” and “knife” and replacing it with a message of love and care, designers Qian Jiang, Yiying Wu and Carolina Flores reinterpret this icon of multi-functionality into a handy pocket tool that houses a pill box, bandages, disinfectant spray and whistle.

+ Yanko Design


Ray Gratzner said...

this army knife looks cool. I like these knifes

Andy Suth said...


....Because the drug sub culture is such a peaceful thing. Lovely people sell drugs.

Who ever heard of someone using the swiss army knife to hurt someone but the injured person being helped by a peace loving drug dealer?