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A quiet introvert, Euclid remains shy about discussing his special surveillance capablities. His cone-shaped head and cubic body house the latest eavesdropping circuitry. Euclid prefers to use his ultra-sensitive, omni-directional antennae to converse with friendly whale pods.


Ollie is one tough robot, built to handle a heap of abuse. Rocks and worse just bounce off of his head. Ollie's body armor is bomb-squad certified, he can squat thrust twice his weight. Once, on a dare, he did eleven thousand pull-ups.


Slim had dreamed of being a surgeon, but over time has come to accept his work as a reptile taxidermist. He takes pride in the craft and fine motor skills it requires. In his free time Slim enjoys backgammon, macramé, and Russian literature.

Robots made from range a of industrial tributaries: aerospace surplus suppliers, automotive salvage yards, long-haul microwave equipment recyclers, vintage hand-tool swap-meet winnings.

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Will said...

Wow. Incredible. Is this all your stuff? I'd love to feature you on my site! The site is listed in my entrecard profile.