Miss Landmine

Ana Diogo - Miss Benguela
Age: 32
City: Benguela
Mine accident: 1984
Kids: 3 (12, 11, 3)
Occupation : Unemployed
Dream job: Anything
Favourite color: Sand

Clothes : American Apparel, € 34
Turban & Jewellery: Myffdesign, € 15
Location : Hotel Panorama, Ilha do Cabo, Luanda

Mine: VS-50 anti-personnel , € 12
Release: Pressure
Explosive: 45 grammes TNT
Produced by: Italy

Miss Landmine Angola 2008 pageant in close collaboration with the Angolan government (CNIDAH) and supported by the European Union is under way: The crowning of the world's first Miss Landmine in front of a live audience and a special jury in CineTropico in Luanda, Angola on April 2nd, 2008. The winner will receive a custom-made prothesis from Norway's leading manufacturer.

The Miss Landmine photo Expo will open in Luanda on April 4, the UN International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action.

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Tom said...

It’s a great initiative to show that most victims of landmines are innocent civilians… (90% of them)
In order to highlight the issue, DangerousGround, a British NGO, has made an impressive video clip that I've put on my blog. It’s a great video :)