Water Ball Ripples

The Ripple faucet creates a new, fun way to interact with water. Drawing inspiration from surface ripples, the faucet creates a strong visual relationship between the two. On top of the frosted ripple surface sits a metal ball. An array of electromagnetic sensors detects that ball’s position. Moving the ball in or out from the center controls water pressure. Moving it around controls temperature.

The surface glows red or blue to denote how hot or cold it is. The two separate channels combine the hot and cold water to get the perfect mix. Don’t worry about scalding yourself tho. The water in the hot water channel isn’t actually hot until it’s ready to be mixed via flash heating.

Designer: Smith Newnam & Touch 360 Studio

+ Yanko Design


Modern Furniture Designs Scotland said...

Wow - this is amazing - i would love to have one of those in my bathroom

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MH Leslie Interior Design Glasgow said...

This sink is definitely something special! I have just bought a new build flat and this would look amazing in the main bathroom.